2 in 1 backpack * Daniel *


Here’s why YOU would love our 2-in-1 Daniel bags –

  • It’s one big bag with a detachable smaller knapsack, for those times when they need to carry less.
  • 3 large compartments, 1 front pocket and dual side pockets.
  • Fully padded, anatomically designed back system for ultimate support and comfort, because we care about your child’s back.
  • Inner flap to distribute the weight evenly.
  • High-quality product that will last for years.


Here’s why YOUR CHILD would love our 2-in-1 Daniel bags –

  • Super cool design.
  • Because it looks like 1 bag, but there are really 2!
  • Ultra comfortable bag, that perfectly fits the shape of your back.
  • Smart design to help you keep school supply organized and accessible.


An inside look:

E18-A600_VNITŘEKE18-A1310_VNITŘEK E18-A1250_03

Material: 600D x 600D polyester

Dimensions: 45x31x26
Weight: 950g
Volume: 40L